Reconfiguring Slots in RiverWare

In football, a position in the formation where the smallest player (often a faster or shifty receiver) stands off to the side and is not lined up directly against the cornerback. The slot allows the receiver to gain a few yards at most before the CB can break on him, but it can also allow the slot player to make a long gain if he beats the defender or two covering him.

Pay table

A pay table is a list of symbols in a slot machine that describe the payout values when they line up on a winning combination. They may include a description of any bonus features as well. The pay table is often found on the machine’s face, and can be accessed through a help menu as well.

How do I get back to my slot viewer if it gets minimized or hidden?

The workspace has a Slot Viewers button/menu in the lower right. Click this to open the desired Slot Viewer. You can also drag a series slot from the viewer to another one to redock it as described in Slot Dialog Functionality.

A slot is a value stored in a table, and is accessible by either its name or its row index. Some slots, such as the Elevation Volume Table, have a block size that limits the number of columns that can be appended or deleted together; reconfiguring the table requires that the user add or delete blocks at a time. Other slots, such as Expression Slots, have a more flexible block size. Expression slots utilize RPL, the same language used to write RiverWare rules, so they can contain simple expressions as well as complex logic and functions.